How we approach our Projects:

For any good business to succeed it requires a well throughout business plan, that's why at Cyberface we give a significant amount of attention to the planning and variables of any project. A project is analyzed from a usability to visibility perspective which is backed by years of experience of designing a number of websites.

Our approach is one that is hands on and personal, for us to understand what you want to achieve from the internet we need to understand how your business works and what are the keys aspects that we can use to develop an effective marketing campaign.

Every web site either formally or informally follows the following path to growth:

Site Production

  1. Site Architecture
    Creating the blue prints of the website, it is at this stage that we conduct competitive analysis and work out our users experience on the website. We also spend some time working out expansion plans and monthly promotional campaigns.
  2. Content Collation
    For your website to be found on the internet it has to be written in a way that the search engines can find and categorize you. Search engines constitute for almost 70% of the traffic to your website and have to be given a considerable amount of attention to when setting up the content for the website.
  3. Search Engine Optimization & Keyword identification
    Once the copy for the website has been collated, we would then need to go through it once again looking for relevance, keywords, composition and key phrase strength.
  4. Concept Design & Template Creation
    It is at this stage of the project we begin to look at the look and feel of the website. The site's concept is done to establish what are the structural, visual and static elements of the website. Each client is presented with atleast 2 concepts to chose from each designed with key usability principles in place.
  5. Static Production
    The concept is then taken to the coding team who create the pages of the website along with the navigation systems.
  6. Dynamic Production
    The site is then taken in for coding of forms, newsletter subscription boxes and other various dynamic features that we introduce to clients mainly to increase the response rate of the website.
  7. Visual Production.
    Once all the coding is complete we then look at the site from an aesthetics perspective. As much as its important to make sure that a website is designed to be found with ease on the net, you have to ensure that once the end user clicks onto your website, their experience is pleasurable.
  8. Integration & Testing.
    At this stage we load the website onto the hosting servers and ensure that all is working properly.
  9. alpha version
    The client now gets the first look at the first draft of the website with a consultant making notes of changes that need to be made.
  10. Review & Changes
  11. Beta version
    The client then sees the website with the items changed and we run through the experience once again ensuring that all systems are in place and responding to the right audience.
  12. Review & Final amendments
  13. Activate the new website.

Post Site Production

Most post production campaigns are designed with a lot of correspondance between the clients and the consultants. The goal is to establish some sort of consistent effort towards your online marketing campaign. A website is like any business, as much as you have invested the time and money to set it up you still need to show up in the morning and manage the operations. A website needs work in order for it to work for you, the entry level website that we design for our clients is developed with a foundation that can support growth. Growth is determined by interests and trends, and through consultation, updates to the website and finally a growing newsletter list we develop the website to work as an integral part of your markering campaign. Some of the services that we provide for our clients after the sites are designed are:

  1. Search Engine Submission.
  2. Update Schuedules.
  3. Newsletter Schedules.
  4. Site Statistics.
  5. Resource Management.
  6. Additional Functionality Features.

Each project follows this process as it evolves from a number of ideas to the final media, and our clients play a significant role in making the website a success. With constant attention and fine tuning you could turn your website into a reliable and effective revenue source or marketing tool.

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